Naruto Sketches

I have this AU where Kakashi and Zabuza are platonic best buds and hang out in coffee shops like the hipster nerds they are.

Naruto has been my favorite anime since I was 12, but I’ve actually never done a lot of fanart for it…so here’s some of my explorations, figuring out to draw my faves in my style.



This started with my curiosity about what Aaron would look like as a mix of Henry Selick and Adam Goldberg, so I superimposed pictures of them and traced, then tweaked it where needed to make it read as Aaron. I was really happy with how it came out, so I decided to give it a try on some others. Jack is Jacksepticeye, Hob is Richard Armitage, and Rown is this Instagram photo. This is the first time I’ve drawn these guys in a realistic style, and it’s actually really cool to see 🙂