Out Hunting

Out Hunting



ndp scrrencaps

Made some fake screencaps for Not-DP! 🙂

Some Not-DP Concept Art

not dp sketchdump

A bunch of concept art from Not-DP I had sitting around on my computer. Mostly lighting/environment practices, as well as some design work. Tryin’ out that 80s aesthetic 🙂 Also, traced photos from Mark’s, Pewds’ and PJ’s Instagram accounts for those two pics, just to see the characters in a more realistic style–it helps when trying to stylize them and it makes them easier to picture in my head when planning out the story.

Jairus and Dog: Randl Screencap Redraw

Drew my characters Jairus and Dog over a screencap of Rhett and Link’s Seaborne and Roach series (the second episode, I think). It’s no secret that Jairus and Dog are pretty heavily inspired by Randl; what’s interesting to me is that Dog, as he’s developed, is much more reminiscent of Seaborne-era Link, while Jairus is more similar to mid-to-current GMM Rhett. Anyway, I’m really happy with how this turned out and the style I experimented with!

(P.S. Happy Independence Day to my American followers!)