The Man Who Sold the World

Companion piece to this. Didn’t turn out as well as the last one, in my opinion, but oh well. Still a good exercise in understanding the faces of these two characters (I think they’re brothers)! This one is a Noel Fielding-esque glam rock figure 🙂


The Man Who Fell To Earth

wasteland 1_1
Experimenting with a different style for this character design I’m working on. The pose is referenced from a photo of David Bowie–this character’s design inspiration is a bit of Bowie and a lot of Cillian Murphy. Cheekbones and sunken eyes and ennui in 1970s London, in the Beltane/Samhain universe.

Should I Offer Sketchpage Commissions?

commish example3

This is just a new character design I came up with and am messing about with. But I wondered if I should offer sketchpage style commissions? They seem popular for artists on Tumblr to offer, but I’m not sure if it’d be worth it for me. Mine would probably be fairly loose, sketchy lineart and colors like you see here. Would you buy a commission like this? Would you buy a more polished version of this? What’s the price range you’d consider buying it in? I want to know what you want!

Holiday Sale on Commissions!

Today until December 1st, you can get full-body, colored commissions for $21 instead of the usual $30! These make unique and very personal gifts for your friends and family!
I also do physical, pen-and-ink commissions if you want something tangible HERE
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