A hole to swallow eternity


Okay, so this is spoilers for Not-Dysphoria-Paradigm, but it’s not big spoilers so I figure it’s okay. These are two of the mains from Not-DP, Dog and Jairus. And Dog has a rip in the fabric of space and time instead of a right eye (Jairus has two fully functional eyes, but they sometimes turn black and pour out smoke because Reasons). It’s just some quick concept art; maybe I’ll put up some better studies on how the eye hole works soon.

This is for Little Fears’ prompt of the day, “Holes”!

Projects Update

As a result of a gnawing sense of Not Getting Enough Done, I’ve added a page to my blog called “Current Projects” where you can find just that–a list of stuff I’m working on completing, that will (hopefully) be kept up to date as things progress. So now, a)I have something a tad more substantive to direct people to, rather than “I’m working on…comics…and stuff…” and b) I’ve put it out there as a statement that these are Things I Am Doing, and I have you guys to hold me accountable for getting them done 🙂 I don’t have strict deadlines for anything, but I want to start getting DP out before the end of summer, and Beltane/Samhain is on hold until I finish that.