at the edge of the woods horror comic supernatural 2
I wanted to make a promo for my webcomic that I could hand out when I do conventions, and I think it turned out pretty well!


Love Saves Lives

Thoughts and prayers with everyone attending the March for Life today! Stay warm!

ATEOTW Update!

chapter four promo
Chapter four is now up! Tensions run high! Familiar faces return! Questions are not answered, just more are raised! Check it out now!
(Also, it’s worth noting that ATEOTW is going on break for January and February, so now is a great time to catch yourself up! There’s about eighty pages on the site now, which isn’t too long a read in comic pages, and it’s already chock-full of monsters, mysterious figures, and existential dread!)

Deeper Into The Darkness

Those two 70s dudes from my last two posts!

It’s fun to think about the history of the Samhain universe! I’ve been messing around with this idea to give my brain a bit of a break from just working on ATEOTW pages 😛 I’d love to work out this idea as a one-off comic or maybe even an animation or multimedia thing, but for now, it’s back to rural American suspense!

(p.s. if that sounds cool to you, if you’re into stuff like Stranger Things or Over the Garden Wall, you should absolutely read my webcomic.)