There’s some characters from the Rown/Jack/Aaron/Finn storyline here (two books tentatively called Beltane and Samhain right now) and then there are some people I’ve never really talked about here. They live in the same universe as Rown and co., but their paths never cross. I’d like to work on their story after I finish Beltane and Samhain.
A quick introduction to each, going from left to right in the group pic on the bottom:

Dominic Jagger:
-No magic powers
-Is a big ol’ mutt in terms of heritage, but mostly Peruvian and Italian (grew up in New York)
-Gets stressed about inconsequential things
-Solves most problems with fists
-Really likes graphic tees and flannel
-Is 6’7″, making him my tallest OC

Mahsa Jagger:
-No magic powers
-Ronan’s wife
-The voice of reason
-Also of optimism, since everyone else in this group is kind of a Negative Nancy re: the future
-Likes art and computers
-LOVES animals
-Team Mom

Ronan Jagger:
-Fire powers
-Mostly Irish- and German-American
-Married to Mahsa
-Dom’s foster brother
-Is kind of a snarky jerk
-Likes winding people up
-Honestly, think of John Lennon or Ross O’Donovan, Ronan has that kind of attitude
-Also has trust issues
-But when he trusts you, he’s nice
-Therefore genuinely cares about and is kind toward Dom and Mahsa

Lydia Seck:
-Earth powers
-Senegalese background
-Mostly chill
-But when she loses her chill, she loses all of it
-Sometimes takes on more than she can handle because she’s not good at the teamwork
-She’s getting better though
-Dating Dom

Greg Te Rangi:
-Descended from a death spirit, which in this universe means he can sense when people nearby are about to die and teleport to where they are to help them transition from life to death
-Is vaguely concerned about everything all the time
-Is not good with the peoples
-Came to America hunting a rogue death spirit and teamed up with Lydia to stop it b/c it was terrorizing her home town
-They became friends and paranormal investigator buddies
-But he’s not into Lydia like that
-Has repeatedly told Dom this
-Dom remains unconvinced


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